Land Of Kush is a large collective assembled and directed by Montreal composer and musician Sam Shalabi. Six years after The Big Mango, they announced the release of a new full-length. Sand Enigma is out on November 8th via Constellation Records. We already shared “Safe Space” ; “Domyat 1331” is a new excerpt. Sam Shalabi remarks about it:

“Domyat 1331 has 3 resonances – it is for my mom who was fading away into dementia while I was writing this section of Sand Enigma. Domyat is the town in Egypt where she was born on August 13 1931 – 1331 is also an “angel number” – if it keeps cropping up in your life it’s supposed to mean a guardian angel is watching out for you and sending you positive vibes (so say those who know of such matters)… The melody is a kind of paraphrase of a lullaby she used to sing to me when I was I kid and in the piece I tried to convey the arc of what was happening to her towards the end of her life. Also in a weird way this piece makes me think of Egypt right now and “her” (hopefully temporary) dementia…”