The Voice Tree are the Italian/French duo which involve Whitney Di Stefano and Logan Hugueny-Clark. Their music mixes 90s alternative melodies with synth pop textures. Apollonia is the new EP which will be out later this month. They say about it: “‘Apollonia’ is a passion that evolved from our rock ’n’ roll core, with a desire to fuse synth and orchestral. The opportunity to be exposed to musical influences across different cultures inspired our instrumentation, writing and artwork. Our aim was to achieve a sound that would reach a diversity of people and evoke a multitude of feelings among each listener.

We have the pleasure to premiere the first excerpt “They Came For Me“. Their words about the single: “ ‘They Came For Me’ has a melancholic undertone, but to us it’s more of a “coming to terms” piece – with subtly introspective lyrics. Perhaps it’s about the delicate synth harmonies that take you in one direction, and the words in another.”

Listen below.