Jonas Meyer is a young and talented German composer and sound artist. Konfusion is the first full-lenght and it is out on October 11th via Serein (Strië, Colorlist, Konntinent, Kryshe and many more). You can buy (name your price) the album here. According to the press release, It is a collection of pulsing, shimmering electro-acoustic pieces. A multitude of sound sources, (including piano, percussion, synth and others I can’t identify) are treated and layered up, often underpinned by a strong pulse. Sometimes the pieces sway heavily into the digital realm, with precise edits, clicks and cuts, other times the processing is more gentle and reserved.

Today, we have the pleasure to share the full streaming of the album. Six tracks which show, for sure, his experimental attitude and his ability to build a narrative of the sound. He demolish rhythms standards and tries to find his own “electroacoustic melody”; you can find irregular lines, silence movements, noisy vibes, ethereal blurry ambient textures and also electro dynamics. A good way to introduce his art.

His words about the album: “The album contains six musical journeys that lie somewhere between abstraction and melody. Piano, guitar and percussion meet synth and electronic treatments. The process of creating it started in an intuitive way; composing,  arranging and layering improvised recordings on top of one another.

Through that simple process the record became quite intimate, most of it recorded through the same microphone setup in the same room.

Listen below.

Check the artwork below.