We introduced different times London based producer and composer Jim Perkins, also known for the project Cenes. Four years after Constance, he announced the release of a new album. Pools is out tomorrow via British label label Bigo+Twigetti. It features Fiona Brice, Richard George, Lucy Wilkins, Reiad Chibah, Tony Woollard, Steve Rossell at strings;
Chris Green Armitage at the piano in “The Wooden King”, Katy Ayling at the clarinets and  vocals from Will Arundell (“Outside In”) and Joanna Forbes L’Estrange (“Outside In, A Ritual for Saying Goodbye, Pools”). Two excerpts are available below.

It has been described as having a discernible source of inspiration that unfolds in a series of variegated expressions and tributaries. A classically trained musician, Jim draws from the compositional techniques of his roots and subverts them with innovative recording techniques and sound design.

A relaxed compositional framework leaves room for the serendipity of improvisation” says Jim “it facilitates a beautiful balance; music with purpose, music that breathes.”