Two years after sophomore album Distance, Canadian musician and producer Pick A Piper aka Brad Weber (known for his work with Caribou) announces new album. Sigh is out on October 18th via Tin Angel Records. “Fragments” is the first excerpt. According to the press release, it highlights the increasingly divided world we live in: hyper segregation, polarizing viewpoints and a society at large that is being torn apart from each other. It’s a positive statement that encourages hope and cooperation.

It’s a song about putting yourself second to others and finding solace and optimism in an increasingly fragmented world. This video was created using clips around 10 documentaries from the 1960’s and 70’s regarding the emerging technology of computer-generated graphics. Computer graphics at the time were beautifully crude and simple and created at a time when there were no expectations of what computer graphics should be or look like. At the time, it was like nothing anyone had ever seen.

The concept behind this video is that creativity is a fundamental element of humanity. I like to imagine that creativity and creation itself spawns new intangible worlds and life that flourishes as an independent entity, and dies at the hands of the creator. This video represents this idea.