Chandler Juliet is an LA native indie-pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She’s just released her dynamic new single, “Take it or Leave It”, a groovy and upbeat empowerment anthem that encourages listeners to know their worth. The first release since her Debut EPelements” which arrived earlier this year. When speaking on her new track she shares, “‘Take it or Leave it’ tells the classic cat and mouse story of chasing after someone for their attention and deciding to stop playing. It’s pretty common in this day and age with social media to have short attention spans, especially living in a fast-paced city like LA. But I’ve learned, you can’t stop and try to convince people of your greatness when someone rejects you or doesn’t give you the time of day. It’s not fair to all the people who DO love you. I want my listeners to feel inspired to be their authentic selves, unapologetically. That kind of feeling sparked the inspiration to write this song, and I’m so excited to share all the new music and sound that I’ve been working on.”

“Take it or Leave it” is the first song off Chandler’s forthcoming project themed around love, self-love, and acceptance, with a side of sass. Listen below.