Two years after three-part EP series How To Solve Our Human Problems, Scottish band Belle and Sebastian released a new album. Days of the Bagnold Summer is out now via Matador Records and it is the soundtrack of the same name movie directed by Simon Bird (The Inbetweeners, Friday Night Dinner), which will be out in 2020.

They shared a new video for the track “This Letter“. It was directed by frontman Stuart Murdoch and stars Glasgow band Wet Look. Stuart Murdoch says: “After the Boaty Weekender I got the chance to make another video. With limited time, I called upon 3/4 of boat mates Wet Look to help me out. They play three tired film crew people, who just made a Belle and Sebastian video – but they quite fancy having a go at filming themselves, so they get hold of Super 8 cameras, and start messing about.

Watch it below.