SHHE is the project of Scottish-Portuguese artist and producer SU Shaw. She signed to One Little Indian Records and opened for Kathryn Joseph on her February UK tour. She is currently developing ‘Dýrafjörður’ – a live multi-sensory project combining sound, moving image and visual art in the Westfjords of Iceland, with support from Creative Scotland.

We introduced her with the track “Boy”; now she announced the release of the self-titled debut full-length. It is out on october 11th via One Little Indian. We already shared “Saint Cyrus”; “Emma” is a new excerpt. “This is not a song about unrequited love. It’s about something that feels more destructive” said SHHE.

There’s an internal drone that you hear from the beginning, this constant reminder, an uneasiness. It feels a bit symptomatic of motion sickness. It’s overpowering. And there are all these mixed messages, this confusing build up of hopefulness and hopelessness.

It’s about a relationship that is unhealthy. You still have unanswered questions and you’re still trying to make sense of everything. The track is about the aftermath of that. It’s about letting go. It’s about seeing things how they really are. It’s about reclaiming strength through that process.

Listen below.