Two years after Out Of The Dust and 2019’s Neukölln , Berlinbased Greek composer and musician Giorgos Papadopoulos aka Hior Chronik announced the release of a new album. Blind Heaven is out on November 8th via 7K!. According to the press release, it goes in search of new territories to observe and interpret. Sound landscapes made of synthesizers, electronics, strings, woodwinds and above all magical touches of the piano, so minimal as they are brilliant in their being perfectly integrated into the sonic trajectories traced by the Berlin-based artist.

“The meaning of everything I do is to share with people something that maybe they will need to listen and to make them feel more emotional in their life. This album is another part of me. It’s my personal demonstration and voice against everything that hurts nature and weak people.”

The album features Japanese vibraphonist Masayoshi Fujita, Polish pianist Hania Rani, New York artist Amber Ortolano and trumpeter Christian Grothe. Today we have the pleasure to premiere the first excerpt “One Eternity At A Time” which features Francesco Donadello. A track which shows the grace and sensitivity as a composer, the enchanting “lever” of the piano and the rough and etheral lines of electronic sound.

His words about the track: “One eternity at a time” is the first track I composed for Blind Heaven and that’s why I decided that it should be the first single. I asked Francesco to collaborate in it because he is one of my favorite producers and his modular sound would fit perfectly to the atmosphere of the this composition.  I then added the piano inspired by his sound. As I say always; there is no “story” behind any track I make. Music is about the way we feel and cannot describe any story. And if it does then its personal only.”

Listen below.