ØxØ (pronounced “null”) is a new collaboration between Brighton-based experimental musicians and artists David Berry and Barnaby Thorn which develop concept-led “post-internet music for anti-millennials”. Their new limited edition cassette EP Mythologies is out on October 4th via Truant Recordings.

It is a critique on the technological advances that have changed all our lives and further remove us from our surrounding world. Their words about it: “Across the globe, as the sun rises, we begin each day with a routine that marks 21st century life as unique in all of history. Before they get dressed, before they are even fully awake, billions of people start their morning by gazing at rectangular oleophobic panes of illuminated glass.

These devices engineer a new kind of life which entangles the private and the public, the digital and the analogue. They are privy to our most intimate thoughts and memories and grant access to an unfathomable wealth of information and communication… in real-time. The phone is now a ‘smart’ phone, embellished with an intelligence that knows us better than we know ourselves. As it gradually learns our strengths and our weaknesses, our interests and our temptations, it overtakes us, telling us what we want to know before we even know it. The smartphone is a mirror that reflects back the ‘you’ that you always wanted to be.