We introduced different times Alaskan Tapes, the project of Canadian Toronto-based musician and composer Brady Kendall. One year after self-released The Ocean No Longer Wants Us and You Were Always An Island (Fluid Audio), he released a new full-length. Views From Sixteen Stories is out now AT Recordings.

According to the press release, the title of the album, comes from a recent reading of Chuck Palahniuk’s novel Survivor. In the book a character describes dancing with a partner on a ship as the ship is sinking. This concept grabbed Brady as he read it, and knew that he had to explore the emotion that would come through an experience like this. Though the album ranges in different styles, the specific choices made throughout the writing process makes sure that the album is seamless front to back, giving the listener a few breaks along the way in forms of interlude tracks.

With regards to the album’s conception, Alaskan Tapes has the following to share: “Views From Sixteen Stories was originally thought of from a place of very little inspiration. After finishing two other projects pretty much back to back I was left with very minimal ideas, so I simply started listening to music again. I was listening to post-rock very heavily, which made me want to make something in the same vein, but still have all the benefits of an ambient album (long tracks, minimal composition, etc.) This is the product of that mindset, a collection of minimal compositions, drawn out patterns, and drones wherever they will fit.”

Full streaming is available below.