Two years after after Marked For Death, American singer-songwriter Emma Ruth Rundle announced the release of a new solo album in 2018. On Dark Horses is out via Sargent House. It features Dylan Nadon (Wovenhand, Git Some), Evan Patterson and Todd Cook (Jayle Jayle). She shared a new video for the track “You Don’t Have To Cry“. It was directed by Thou’s Mitch Wells and stars the song’s inspiration, Blake Armstrong.

Rundle comments: “I wrote this song for my dear friend, artist Blake Armstrong, out of love and in the hope it would console and encourage strength after he expressed to me his fears about living as an openly gay male in a country that’s led by an unabashedly hateful figure – and the effects said figure might have on the the country, its laws and its citizens. I hope that the message of the song and video can comfort and empower those who feels marginalized or mistreated or unsafe. I’m happy we finally had a chance to realize our idea for this video. It means so much to us both.”

Blake Armstrong continues: “The main feeling I’ve felt has been the level of uncertainty that has made its ugly head known as of recent.  Fear is how I feel. Growing up in Texas, I was used to closing myself off or being aware of how I expressed myself for fear of violence. Leaving the south and moving to other parts of the country and even to Canada, I finally felt safe to share myself and personality because I was around like-minded individuals. It felt free. But as of late in this country, that fear has returned wearing a red hat that has made me want to quiet myself and the freedom of who I am. What’s worse is not only feeling this not just personally but also nationally. I feel hated. I think with ‘You Don’t Have To Cry’ and this video, it’s a reassurance to be who you are now more than ever. That there are people who will embrace you but that regardless, nothing is more important than embracing yourself. You were always meant to be the person you are and that there isn’t any amount of hate or bigotry holding you back from living your truest life.”

Watch it below.