One year after the reissue of the pioneering work The Blue Notebooks and the original soundtrack of the movie White Boy Rick, British composer and musician Max Richter announced the release of a new album. It is the original soundtrack to Brad Pitt’s eagerly-anticipated new movie, AD ASTRA. “To The Stars” is the first excerpt and it is out now via Deutsche Grammophon.

“I first saw a rough-cut of the film in early 2018 and was immediately intrigued,” Richter recalls. “I knew I wanted to be part of the world James was inventing in AD ASTRA. After James, Brad and I had discussed some initial thoughts, I began by making sketches away from the picture, exploring the themes and psychology of this material in musical terms. These ideas evolved through a collective process of experimentation. James has excellent musical taste, and a refined sense of how sonic and visual objects can inform one another. He’s also fascinated by the expressive possibilities of experimental music production, so was an ideal fellow traveller on this musical voyage of discovery.”

A sci-fi thriller set in the future, AD ASTRA stars Brad Pitt as an elite astronaut who travels to the outer edges of the solar system to find his missing father and unravel a mystery that threatens the survival of our planet. His journey will uncover secrets that challenge the nature of human existence and our place in the cosmos.
Max Richter’s ambitious score, informed by detailed conversations with Brad Pitt and the film’s director James Gray, brings together strings, electronics and vocals to create an epic soundscape that underpins the emotional power and scale of the movie. He first began writing the music to AD ASTRA almost two years ago, in the initial phase of the film’s production.