Fejká is the musical output of Brian Zajak, a young music producer and visual artist from Stuttgart, Germany. After his critically acclaimed EP Twilight released in 2017, Zajak is back with the 10 piece follow-up Reunion, an album that represents a journey to find himself and encapsulates a plethora of different emotions and experiences lived in the last two years. The album is packed with lush soundscapes, dreamlike melodic lines and contemplative fragmented ambiances oscillating between techno, atmospheric deep house and pop music.

Representing an adventure through experimentation, reflecting on the past and glimpsing of what the future may hold, Reunion is the collection of a long two-year period where Fejká immersed himself on a quest for finding his true musical identity. Between finishing university, and deciding if producing music was a viable career path, Reunion delivers a collection of refined tunes, suitable for the dance floor as well for home listening. A nostalgic, introspective and emotional vibe transpire through the album and helps the listener to have an intimate encounter with themselves. On an exclusive interview, we talked with Fejká about, music, visual arts and his upcoming tour with Christian Löffler.


Hey Fejká, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions. Your new album ‘Reunion’ is coming out this week on Ki Records. Can you tell us more about the record, its conception and what it represents to you?

Yeah, like, for me, it’s basically my first album.so it really means a lot to me. I had time after my first EP on Ki records where I was like trying to find my own sound which I wanted to represent in my first album. 

I was struggling a lot with what I wanted to represent because I never could decide how I wanted my music to sound, I felt like if I decide something now, it’s like a final decision, and I can’t go back.  So I was really cautious about what music to release and what to do, but I still made music and in the end, I finally showed the new music to some friends. 

Reunion It’s the follow up to ‘Twilight’, released two years ago. Did you approach it from a different aesthetic angle or did you process it as the logical follow-up to ‘Twilight’?

Well, I think I didn’t really think much about how to do it. When I did those songs, I knew that I had this huge chance to keep working with Ki Records and have my debut album being supported by them. So I already had a little bit of pressure, like for myself. And I think my first goal was to keep this pressure away from me. 

I just said to myself, okay, I’m doing a small break and then I eventually released one song after my Twilight EP, which is called Infinity. And even though the song became critically acclaimed it still didn’t feel right. 

So I just said, okay, let’s just disappear from the surface for like half a year at least. And then I also had a lot of stress at my university and everything, I just needed the time.

In tracks such as “Ghostlight”, “Infinity” and on the title track of “Reunion”, you partnered with Maria Angerer, how did this partnership come together?

So basically, after I finished college in Germany,  I traveled through New Zealand for half a year.  It was just about the same time when I started to make music, photography, and everything. I met Maria like in a bar in Queenstown, a town on the South Island of New Zealand. and we just became friends  She was traveling around with a guitar and was always singing. And I was really fascinated, not only by her compositional skills, or her songs but also especially by her amazing voice. So we stayed in touch with each other, then we met again in Germany, like one year later.

Besides music, you also make visual art, are there any plans in combining the two in a live av performance in the near future?

It’s something I plan for the future. And of course because I realized it’s really great if you can do both as one artist, but I still have really like a lot of other things to do, I need to finish university, and I also have a normal social life, and friends and everything. (laughs)

And it’s really like music-making it’s already taking a lot of time and film making is even harder like I can do music just on my laptop, but to create a video, you need all the equipment and you need the location, you need actors, you need a lot of time.

I think I would try to get new inspiration, and to check out a lot of our artists. They’re already great artists out there with super nice visuals. For example, Max Cooper, or even Christian has a great live visual performance. I think I would just need some time to think about it and then start creating a concert, but I’m really looking forward to it. It’s definitely one of my plans.

How does a regular day in your life look like? Do you try to make music every day?

I think I’m not really consistently making music on a regular schedule. It is just super random, to be honest. It’s not really how people think that you sit on your laptop, and you say today I try to make a new song from 5 to 10 p.m or something. It’s just random moments in your life. 

When you’re on a train or on a bus or somewhere traveling or you just feel that you have to open Ableton because you have an idea floating around your head. And then you just started and eventually, you can really get sucked in into the idea, into the song. It happened more than twice that I started a song, feeling I just wanted to open Ableton for 20 minutes and in the end spent 10 hours working on a track, you can really get lost sometimes.

You have an upcoming tour with Christian coming up. Could you briefly describe a bit about that?

Sure. So Christian asked me some months ago to support him on his upcoming European tour. He’s releasing his second album already this year. And yeah, I’m really looking forward to support him in various locations. I think we are playing basically all countries around Europe, including Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, and also the UK. And I’ve never been to half of those countries so I’m really looking forward to it. I think it’s a really great opportunity for me for the album, because it’s right after the release. I’m super happy about it that I can support him on this tour so yeah I will try to do my best.

Finally, I wonder what can we expect forward in the future from Fejka?

First, I think you can expect something more visual to my music, like a visual live performance, which I’m really looking forward to. And, of course, for a new album, or a string of remixes. I’m trying to dive in, and the next month, I’m especially looking forward to raising my productivity levels by only focusing on music since I don’t have to study anymore. I hope that I have more time for it, I think I will experience a lot of new situations and moments on this upcoming tour. I think it’s going to influence my sound for sure. Because right now, I haven’t played that much. I had some shows, but maybe like 20 or 30 in total, so it’s not really much. I think it will definitely shape my sound and I’m really excited about which direction it goes.