A few days ago, we announced the media partnership with one of the longest-running Italian festivals. The new edition of Time Zones, focused on experimental and underground sounds, will take Place in Bari and surroundings from September 21st to November 16th. You can check the full lineup here.

Tomorrow Delphine Dora and Midori Hirano will open the three days of the preview named “Ad Museum”. On September 22nd, there will be Surma and Carmine Padula and Saturday September 28th Arcoiris Ensemble will close the first part of the festival. Find out more about the five artists below.

Midori Hirano. Midori Hirano is a Berlin-based Japanese (from Kyoto) musician, composer, sound artist and producer. Her sounds is for sure focused on piano textures but it is also very flexible and electic with the add of electronic lines and field recordings, and above all the exploration of new forms of expression. We introduced her with 2016’s album Minor Planet (Sonic Pieces). She released her first EP Poet At The Piano in 2004. The first full-lenght LushRush came out in 2006 via Midi Creative/Noble.

Mirrros In Mirros is her latest album which was released in March via Australian label Daisart. She speaks of “waning lights” and “edges blending into fog” as some of the sensory indicators inspiring Mirrors In Mirrors. Accordiing to the press release, An emphasis upon the piano is an immediate point of reference for placing Hirano’s work within a broader context, but important to point out is the subtle and careful use of synthesizers and effects processing throughout the record – sometimes providing a more detailed background terrain, sometimes taking centre stage. 

Delphine Dora. Delphine Dora is a French musician, vocalist, composer, improviser, pianist and multi-instrumentalist. She is founder and owner Wild Silence. She released her first album in 2005 via Another Record. Her latest release is 2019’s Dunkles Zu Sagan which is out now via Irish-based cassette and digital label Fort Evil Fruit. It features poetry by Austrian writer Ingeborg Bachmann which is about darkness, shadows and light, love, joy and failure, and war. More than 20 compositions which bring out her delicate way to play piano, the majesty of her music and the melancholic and ethereal vocals. Powerful and deep.

Surma. Surma is the stage name of Portugal singer-songwriter Débora Umbelino. We introduced her with the tracks “Maaasai” and  “Plass” which is part of her 2017’s debut album Antwerpen. Impressive, breezy and enchating vocals on electronic dreamy and epic carpet. Melodies and experimentation “work” together for something really unique, like fluctuate in a pleasant unknown place.


Carmine Padula. Carmine Padula is a young Italian pianist and composer. Born in Foggia, he began piano studies at the age of 11. His first compoisiton was the piano ballad ” El Aire ”. Untill today he reached over 90 piano and orchestra pieces and other collaborations with internationally renowned instrumentalists and orchestras. Intense fluency and deep delicay are strong traits of his music.

Arcoiris Ensemble. Arcoiris Ensemble is the project which involves Italian acoustic guitarists and composers Fausto Ciotti and Andrea Moriconi and Indian tabla player Sanjay Kansa Banik. Their music is an immersive trip in world music with bossanova recalls, funky vibes and Mediterranean sounds. Beyond their original works, they often pay tribute to artists like Chick Corea, Djavan, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Carlos Lyra. Baden Powell.


For further information you can check the facebook event here or you can check the official website.