We introduced different times Inude, the Italian trio which involve Flavio Paglialunga (voice, percussion, synth), Giacomo Greco (guitar, voice, programming, synth), Francesco Bove (dubmaster). One year after 2018’s “Balloon”, they’re back with a new single. “By The Ocean” was co-produced with Peppe Petrelli and recorded at Posada Negro Studios.

We asked them to create a mixtape/playlist with all artists and tracks which inspired “By the Ocean”. It features Son Lux, Woodkid, Big Red Machine and many more. They said about it:

” ‘By The Ocean’, as well as many other songs, was born during our retreat in a house in the region of Marche and was created during the studio recording sessions. When we weren’t busy playing, we had listened to many records.

During this long period that goes from 2016 to 2018, we listened to a lot and different kind of music. We have been very focused to new releases without neglecting listening to more dated music and not perfectly in line with our sound as “Y Tù Què Has Hecho?” By Buena Vista Social Club, which often accompanied us during lunch breaks.

In this track, we can perceive an almost clear break between the old sound and the current one. The melancholy of the lyrics and its meaning are hidden behind a pop / R & B sound, the result of the massive dose of Black music which took us company during this journey of writing new music.

Check the full playlist below.

Slowly – Son Lux 

Be my friend – Richard Russel (feat. Infinite) 

Weary – Solange

Pilot Jones – Frank Ocean 

Y Tù Què Has Hecho? – Buena Vista Social Club 

Ghost Light – Woodkid

Lyla – Big Red Machine

Messy – Serpentwithfeet