Rob Simonsen is an American composer and musician. He released several soundtracks and now he released his long-awaited solo debut RÊVERIES, which is out now via Sony Music MasterworksAccording to the press release, he recorded RÊVERIES with what he calls “this magical beast of a piano” in four 2-3-week sessions over the course of a year, letting his mind drift for up to an hour at a time, just as he had as a child, before using the most rewarding excursions as the foundations for more formal, complex pieces.

As he composed for brass, for strings, for choir, he reveled simultaneously in Paris’ picturesque winter or marveled at the studio’s old school recording methodology, one Neff suggested had occasionally been “forgotten” amid the contemporary shift to digital recording. Nonetheless, Simonsen kept things simple: he stuck largely to traditional song forms and simple melodies, “but,” he says, “rendered in a – hopefully – more unique, processed way. I wanted to keep it classic but forward-thinking.”

Watch the official video of the tracks “Spectre” and “Coeur“.