Two years after Art in the Age of Automation, London-based band Portico Quartet announced the release of a new album. Memory Streams is out on october 4th via Gondwana Records. For saxophonist Jack  For Wyllie, it “feels in some ways about the identity of the quartet, about the records we’ve made before, and the memory of them”, whereas for drummer Duncan Bellamy it suggests “a torrent of imagery, accessing and reliving archived memories, which perhaps aren’t  even your own”. We already shared “Signals In The Dusk”; “Offset” is a new excerpt. Watch the official video below.

According to the press release, Sonically, ‘Memory Streams’ embraces the classic PQ palette of drums, saxophone, bass and hang-drums, but nonetheless the output has modulated, become more modern, whilst still channeling the beauty and mystery which has always marked the very best of their music. It’s the sound of an outfit at ease with itself, who after a dozen years of recording and playing together, are able to simultaneously explore and embrace their own identity.