Photos by Vito Lauciello


Music and Images. The strong connection between this two arts was the theme of the first edition of Silent Festival which took place in Terlizzi at MAT Laboratorio Urbano from September 6th to 8th (with the support of Apulia Center of Art and Technology). Three days of full immersion in the visual, the history of silent movies and multimedia experiments.

On the first day, 5 different projects (GinkGo Dawn Shock, Hyperflower, Party Animal, Sup Nasa, Yfir) added sound to six different silent movies, masterpieces of cinema avant-gardes: from Marcel Duchamp’s Anemic Cinema to Joris Ivens’ Regen. The result was captivating with electronic lines, vocals whispering and instrumental tremors which gave a different dimension to the narration.

Indian Wells with Pudovkin’s Mother , on the second day of the festival, showed in less than ten minutes what  happens when music meet visuals. On the same day, Italian musicians Corrado Nuccini and Xabier Iriondo gave us the most powerful performance of the festival. Almost 2 hours of Dreyer’s The Passion of Joan of Arc, maybe one of the most poignant works of silent film movement. The sound added a new perspective to the images; psychology of the characters were was outlined in its most heterogeneous articulation. Distortions, noise, minimal lines become made it so real. A unique experience which gave more shades to the emotions.

The last day was our day. The first event to celebrate our 10th Birthday. It was another great day with two live drawn shows. The Whip Hand busted out all their refined aesthetics which is expressed with dotted roughness and liquid melodies. German talented singer-songwriter and musician Josin (which played in Rome the day after) closed the festival with one of the greatest shows we ever seen. Her hypnotic vocals, her way of movin’ on the stage, the ethereal interweaving of electronic sound with instrumental (piano) textures. People felt all the power of the lyrics and her music touched every soul which were there. She moved our hearts and we won’t forget this gig for a long time.

Check the photogallery below. All the photos have been shot by Vito Lauciello.

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