Francesca De Fazi is an Italian Rome-based singer-songwriter and guitarist. She has collaborated with artists such as Scott Henderson, Stefano Di Battista, Marcello Rosa, Andy J. Forest, Roberto Ciotti, Louisiana Red, Taj Mahal, Rory Block and many more. She announced the release of a new album.

Craft Songs is out this week, on Spetember 13th, via Carlo Barbagallo imprint Noja Recordings. She describes the 11 tracks of “Craft Songs” as being “tied together with water, tears, sea, whiskey, rain, blood and amniotic fluid.”

The lyrics are about timeless topics, “I am still very angry, civilly speaking, like all of us after all, forced to live in a society that no longer holds the confrontation with human reality,” Francesca says. According to the press release, Even if the blues come to mind while first listening to the album, the music is much more than that. The album combines experimentations, research, ideas matured on the road and in Francesca’s dreams.

The album was recorded at Rubedo Recordings Studio in Torino, Italy with an all new band including Manuel Volpe on bass guitar, Simone Pozzi on drums, Nicola Meloni on keyboards, and Carlo Barbagallo on guitars and backing vocals. Today we have the pleasure to premiere the full streaming of the album. Listen below.