Kettle of Kites is the Scottish/Italian project which involves Tom Stearn (vocals & classical guitar), Marco Giongrandi (vocals & electric guitar), Pietro Martinelli (vocals & acoustic bass) and Riccardo Chiaberta (drums). Three years after debut full-length Loan, they announced the release of a new album.

Arrows is out on October 11th as self-release and it is inspired by the literary world of writer Isaac Asimov. We already shared “Giants”, “Oliver” and “Weathervane”; “Supernova” is the new excerpt.

Tom Stearn explains: “‘Supernova’ is in fact a love story between a robot and a human, but it’s not clear which is the human and which is the robot. It’s a reflection on what love really is, how it affects us and where the line is between the realities and fictions we tell ourselves, between ‘programmed’ feelings and the inexplicable reasons we love something or someone.”
Watch the official video directed by Tiziano Colucci.