5K HD are an Austrian band headed by vocalist Mira Lu Kovacs. We saw them at Primavera Sound and their live was one of the best performance at Primavera Pro Stage. Their music has different shades and it is a mix of jazz rhythms, delicate vocals, pop sensibility and electronic textures. Two years after debut album, they announced their sophomore full-length which will be out later this year. We already shared “10/15”; “Crazy Talk” is a new excerpt.

Their words about it: “As is the case with our new album, ‘Crazy Talk’ is a criticism of the fast-paced, capitalist world we live in. That’s where the ‘High Performer’ comes into play again. As if the performer is subject to a force of nature, captured in a daily grind, he continuously pushes himself to unachievable goals and is never satisfied by the results.”

Watch the official video below.