Bandiera di Carta is the new collaboration between French musician, instrument builder and composer Pierre Bastien and the London based experimental duo Tomaga (Valentina Magaletti and Tom Relleen).It is out on September 20th via Nicolas Jaar’s Other People. We already shared title-track; “Senza” is a new excerpt.

According to the press release, it blends Bastien’s and Tomaga’s musical palette. Motors, pipes, rubber band, and papers play together with bass ocarina, prepared trumpet, percussions, synthesizer, and organ to form a unique piece of work. “Bandiera Di Carta” layers references to Sun Ra’s and Art Ensemble of Chicago’s free jazz, Francis Bebey’s and Muslimgauze’s percussive sounds, together with Catherine Christer Hennix’s, Carl Stone’s, and Egisto Macchi’s bizarre, exotic tonal landscapes.

Listen below.