LUCIANBLOMKAMP is a unique artist out of Australia known for his work with prolific rapper 6LACK. Today he reveals his new single “Sound Of The Morning”, alongside a darkly lit video with retro lo-fi imaging.
He personally shares, “While it is a habit to make alternate versions of tracks I’m working on, I don’t think I’ve ever completed as many full drafts of a track as I have with ‘Sound Of The Morning’. Over a period of around 2 years there’ve been 4 pretty dramatically different versions of the track. There’s this kind of ambient/D&B version, a vaguely trappy version, a version that’s somewhat of a seekae ripoff, and then finally the version that’s being released. I was intending on running with the seekae ripoff version but during the process of rerecording some of the parts with live instruments, the track got completely restructured once again. Ironically the main inspiration for the track came from a melody that’s no longer even in the song, which was inspired by the opening melody of ‘Shadow’ by TAPZ. Wild how much the idea’s changed since then. Might try to sneak in some elements from the alternate versions in live shows in the future. ”  Listen below.