One year after first full-length Insula, Scottish Edinburgh-based producer Joe Powers aka Proc Fiskal announced the release of a new EP. Shleekit Doff is out on September 16th via Hyperdub. In his own words, “a kind of representation of the time I was running the club night of the same name in Edinburgh.

These tunes represent the night’s ethos of genre-defiance and high-energy futuristic sets, ecstatic and transcendent while still being fun and stupid. I was getting my friends to play and I made all the posters on my phone – like this EP’s artwork. I also started hoarding old FM synths which crop up a lot on the EP, and was reading a lot of sci-fi like Isaac Asimov’s ‘Foundation’, and ‘2001’. The night ran until last November when the bouncers and some punters got in a fight, the club got damaged, and unfortunately I got banned too.”

Pico” is the first excerpt. Watch the official video below.