Vlad Dobrovolski is a Russian sound artist and experimental musician. Influenced by improvisation in contemporary art, his work expands outside of the sound world straddling different disciplines of interest. Two years after The Drums Of The Fore And Aft, he released a new album. Non​-​deterministic Polynomial Poems is out now via Moscow-based label Kota Records. It was mastered by Vlad Dobrovolski. Listen below.

The link between sound and mathematics was always irreversible in the melodious work. From cosmic harmony of Pythagoreans to contemporary academic experiments, the correlation of note and notion is the force that continues pushing the boundaries of music and its conception. 

But what if mathematics are also similar in distinctive freedom to other expressions of force and form? Moscow-based sound artist Vlad Dobrovolski brings this possibility to life. Being born and grown up in Siberian city of Omsk, Vlad collaborated with Japanese artists for several years. They gave him rejoice and passion for exploring both experimental electronics and traditional types of music, as well as tendency to mix them up. 

Vlad’s newest work tends to collate the world of numbers with poetry, bringing the conformity of poetic unprovable truths to the straight mathematical ideas. His ‘Non-deterministic Polynomial Poems’ create the space of pure and immaculate beauty in the accordance between rhyme and numeric, which is free from the any visual imagery. Equability of its musical form moves inwards to the core of active and speculative mind, where’s, eventually, no distinction could be given between sensual, abstract and logical thaws under the presence of beauteous. For the very first time these beautiful pieces were presented at our last year’s label anniversary, as a part of eponymous installation created by Vlad and Leta Dobrovolskaya. Now, extended and enhanced they are becoming a very important part of Klammklang catalogue.