BEIJU is Caitlin Seager, a French-American musician based in New York/Paris, whose music could be defined as an unique and authentic experimental electro-pop, characterized by an unusual mix of synth tones and fresh vocals.

Her new song, which follows the EP Demain published in 2017, is titled “Lost at the Beach” and is introduced by the artist with these words: “Lost at the Beach reflects on a weekend in the Rockaways with two friends. Like many people I can get caught up and anxious in such an intense urban environment as New York. Getting back to basics by being with loved ones, playing music for pure enjoyment, and being carefree in the ocean made us feel gratitude for aspects of life which we sometimes take for granted. That feeling of being reminded and aware is one to which I wanted to hold on and put into a song.

You can listen to the track from the player here below and follow BEIJU on Instagram.