Glows is a South London experimental artist. He announced the release of the debut EP. JL Hooker Lover Pleasure Forever is out on September 20th via Slow Dance. “Afterthought” is the first excerpt which shows the minimal lines of the sound. The track is being released with a clip that shows GG Skips and his collaborator Felix Bayley Higgins exploring urban environments in a playful manner with flags that he has made to contextualise his “love of myth, red and blue, spiritual iconography, tapestry, psychogeography and journey”

GG Skips on the importance of the flags to his work: “I had a period of intense visual creative block, something that although music remedied to some extent, could only go so far. The way out of it was through creating these red and blue silk tapestries, I’ve always made work in those opposing colours, I see the flags as some sort of hauntological mark of an unknown place, or tribe. I like inventing worlds and narratives.

You are walking through the current landscape, theres sounds of buskers, songs booming from a passing car, laughter, it’s the sounds of modern blues, of a weary world, all this stuff, too much stuff going around us with no way to control it. The voice is an oracle, a voice in your head, comforting you as you are overwhelmed with the world. We build to a natural implosion, and then finally some calm.