SHHE is the project of Scottish-Portuguese artist and producer SU Shaw. She signed to One Little Indian Records and opened for Kathryn Joseph on her February UK tour. She is currently developing ‘Dýrafjörður’ – a live multi-sensory project combining sound, moving image and visual art in the Westfjords of Iceland, with support from Creative Scotland.

We introduced her with the track “Boy”; now she announced the release of the self-titled debut full-length. It is out on october 11th via One Little Indian. “Saint Cyrus” is a new excerpt.

Saint Cyrus is named after the area that I was living in at the time – in the same house that I wrote and recorded the entire record” says SHHE. “The house backed onto a main road so recording during the day wasn’t possible. Most of the vocals were recorded during the night. The synth line which enters half way through the track was also recorded during this time, half awake, half asleep. I only recorded one take, that’s the take that you hear on the record.

She continues; “The track is in constant transition. When I wrote it, I was thinking a lot about identity. How no one is ever complete. Things are added, taken away, obscured, manipulated; certain characteristics, behaviours. In the track there are parts that disintegrate, disappear, are reintroduced elsewhere. But the words stay the same. Living there (in Saint Cyrus) was the only constant when everything else was in transition at the time. I think that environment encouraged a lot of change in my life.