One year after ANNO, British composer and musician Anna Meredith announced the release of a new album. FIBS is out on October 15th via Moshi Moshi. We already shared the official video of the first track “Paramour“; “moonmoons” is a new excerpt. She said about it:

moonmoons are the moons of moons, and this idea of intergalactic worlds within worlds and of doubling and playing with scale, of zooming in and out is explored right through the piece, down to the cascading climactic slowing down textures which are actually constructed using the rest of the electronics compressed into 2 second gestures.

Acccording to the press release, The track itself is in distinct layers focussing on cellist Maddie Cutter’s beautiful playing interlaced with ripples of arpeggiated synths, unearthly swooping and atmospheric non-pitched sounds, and low percussive power played on a thundersheet by drummer and percussionist Sam Wilson. After the initial softly shaped arch section, the piece darkens, gathering momentum and power as it builds towards a compelling peak where huge cascading stabs cut through the texture before coming back down to earth.