LYAM,  also known as loveyouinthemorning, is an Enigmatic East London sound design artist, producer and singer-songwriter; he is also an original contributor to the shadowy and mercurial TTY, an independent network of artists producing visuals and music on the digital underground. We introduced him with the debut single “Intermission”; “Origami” is a new excerpt which features  SHYGIRL and John Glacier. Listen below.

ORIGAMI fits the boom of the individualist. It showcases two female artists that continue to inspire my unapologetic approach in how I create artistically. Almost an ode to them and this kind of attitude generally; for passing such supportive energy to me and hopefully anyone listening… John Glacier and SHYGIRL can be similar in their choice of topic and both respect each other very highly outside of music. I’ve noticed this industry put women up against each other continuously and it’s been good to make an example of that. Just for fun.