Faroe Islands-born, Reykjavík-based producer Janus Rasmussen, one half of the critically acclaimed minimal techno duo KIASMOS (with Olafur Arnalds), recently released his first solo album titled Vín which is out via Christian Löffler’s Ki Records.

Now he announced the release of two remix EPs with tracks from Vín reinterpreted by six electronic music artists. The first contains reworks of three tracks by collaborators Delhia de France, Aparde, Joseph Ashworth and Aleksandir, and the second includes remixes of
Rasmussen’s track “14” by collaborators Ryan Davis and Olaf Stuut.

What I love about these artists is that they are all very expressive. They all make very deep and emotional music themselves, so it’s a perfect fit for them to remix my music with all itsweirdness and nuances,” says Rasmussen. We have the pleasure to premiere the remix of German producer and DJ Ryan Davis and the official video. Rasmussen says about Ryan Davis “He’s super intricate with his remixes and you can really hear how much work and soul he put into these pieces,

Watch it below and check also our talk with Janus Rasmussen here.