Photo by Ludovica De Santis


Andrea Venerus is an Italian Milan-based singer-songwriter and musician. He recently released his debut EP in 2018. A Che Punto E’ La Notte is out now via Asian Fake. Five tracks wich show the future sound connections, the soulful vocals and the jazz vibes of his songwriting style.

He is one of the headliners of FARM Festival which will take place today and tomorrow in Castellana Grotte. We had a talk with him about his roots, the debut work and his music. Check it below after the full streaming of the EP.

One of my greatest interest is to know more about the relationship between artists and their places and how they affected their art. Let’s start from here. You are born in San Siro, you lived in England and now Rome. What is your relationship with these different places and what kinf of influence they had on your way to think music?

After living in a Rome I moved back to Milano. My surroundings have always been crucial to my creativity, my music speaks about the streets I walk in.
London gave a huge imprint and expectation for my journey, both musical and human. Rome gave me new experiences, lonely moments and tough ones too.. milano is now giving me back all I took from it as a kid.

“A Che Punto è la notte” is your first ep. How it was born and what about the creative process and the inspiration?

It was my first work in my own language. It came from the need of discovering my writing in Italian and it really speaks about my period in Rome. Always lost

Listening to your music, I understand which contamination is an important part of your music. In your opinion, this is the key to to give new shape to your sound and also to look for new inspiration starting points?

Of course. Contamination is the key to development, and is the only way to keep triggering one’s curiosity. If I ever lose my passion for researching new sounds my music will lose its power.

Visual arts are also a way to enrich projects like yours. How much weight they have for your music right now or for your future projects?

So much, i have so much visual contamination in my work. I have always been very influenced by visual works such as visual art and movies. It helps me identify the atmosphere and settings of my ideas. Even when I am making music I think of it in a physical or metaphysical space, more like a painting or a scenography.

Ritual question. What are the best releases you recently appreciated?

Blood Orange – Angel’s Pulse
Lifafa – Jaago
Goldlink – Diaspora
Steve Lacy – Apollo XXI