Three years after Good Luck and Do Your Best, British musician and producer Derwin Schlecker aka Gold Panda is back with a new track. “Transactional Relationship” is out now via City Slang. The track was made using a sample from Hilary Woods’ “Sever,” a song from her 2018 Sacred Bones album, Colt.

Gold Panda elaborates: “I made the track at home. I had a track nearly done and I’d bought the Hilary Woods LP after seeing her support Low at the Barbican and decided to give it a play during a tea break. There were bits that went really well with what I’d made so I decided to chop parts up in my mpc and layered them over my track, thus ruining Hilary’s song for evermore. I did a sort of ‘live take’ and that was it.

Watch the official video below.