Three years after Mare, German producer and Ki Records co-founder Christian Löffler returned with a new album. Graal (Prologue) is out now via his own label and it features vocalists Mohna and Josephine Phillip in two different tracks. It comes illustrated with a series of Löffler’s hand drawn sketches, stark, monochro- matic line drawings of people and places.

According to the press release, the album is named after the town he calls home – a windswept yet picturesque German outpost on the Baltic coast – and the rugged beauty and wonder of the area’s famed landscapes shines through the whole record. Löffler has always been influenced by nature and a sense of place, and he’s become a master at exploring space and amplifying the power of tranquility. Despite retaining what he describes as a rudimentary roughness – “for me, they still feel like sketches because I never really produced them out” – there’s a grace and lushness to all six tracks that inexorably draws and comforts you.

German producer and DJ Dominik Eulberg (which will release a new solo album in September) remixed the track “Refu“. Check it below.

Check also the full streaming of the album via Bandcamp.