Tony Njoku is the project of British-Nigerian London-based electronic music producer and songwriter Anthony Njoku. Last year we introduced hi with tracks as “Drifting Off In A Care Powered Balloon“ and “On Lorca’s Balcony“; one year after first full-length H.P.A.C, he announced the release of a new album Your Psyche’s Rainbow Panorama which is out on October 4th via Silent Kid Records. We already shared “Hapless“, “Rapture” is a new excerpt. His words about the track:

“Rapture is a song about the brain scrabbling, yet elating nature of psychedelic experiences. Sometimes we need to have an experience that totally shakes up our perception of reality. An experience that opens up our hearts and minds to truth, love and freedom.

“Take the plunge, recalibrate your mind, there’s so much more to this life than we can ever comprehend.” 

Listen below.