One year Terms & Conditions, Italian musician and jazz saxophonist Guido Spannocchi is back with a new album. All Above is out now as self-release. According to the press release, it explores original compositions with modern and fragile harmonics, revealing a seemingly berceuse approach to jazz forms that are influenced by urban life, club culture and exotic rhythms.

Today he shared a new video for the track “Majorelle Blue“. His words about it:“‘Majorelle Blue’ is inspired by the eponymous colour as well as the backwall of the stage at The Agile Rabbit in South London. This tune explores a shift from minor to major as well as an extended blues scheme in an odd 3/4 traditional meter that references Austrian social dance culture.”

The album features a renowned group of session musicians, including Tony Kofi (collaborator of Abdullah Ibrahim, Ornette Coleman & Macy Gray) playing Baritone Saxophone on Urban Jig and Aria, burgeoning talent Jure Pukl playing Tenor Saxophone on Fragmentation Alteration,Kensington HanamiMajorelle Blue and Cork Screw Blues, and established stalwart Gina Schwarz playing double bass onFragmentation AlterationKensington HanamiMajorelle Blueand Cork Screw Blues. New generation player JJ Stillwell plays double bass on Urban Jig and Aria, prolific personality Saleem Raman plays drums on Fragmentation AlterationKensington HanamiMajorelle Blue and Cork Screw Blues, whilst another exciting and talented addition Filippo Galli plays drums onUrban Jig and Aria.