The Newcomer is an experimental producer, previously known as Young Montana?. Now he announced the release of the debut album with the new moniker. Inner Being is out on August 30th via Astro Nautico. According to the press release, he attempts to reimagine a “fugue state” experience a few years back, in which he not only lost a sense of who he was, but lost touch with his music. The Newcomer’s computer and files became corrupted, and the challenge became recreating a new soundscape without having a grounded self.

He explains, “I seemed to forget completely who I was, my music became alien and no longer meant anything to me, and I could only follow the urge to relearn everything, loosing my itunes library and all previous work, I was forced to learn how to make music from scratch. The songs on the album were created in this period.

Engraved Tooth” is a new excerpt. Listen below.