We wrote a different times about London-based four-piece Zola BloodThey will be one of the headliners of Giovinazzo Rock Festival which will take place this week from Friday July 26th to 28th. We decide to tell you more about the band with the narration of their path with 5 “must” songs which describe better their sound and the way to think music. Check it after the full streaming of their debut album Infinite Games.

Get Light. Two years ago they released their first full-length Infinite Games, out via Pond Life Songs and with a stunning artwork. “Get Light” is the closure track of their first work and it holds all the grace and the elegance of part of their music. Minimal lines, trembling ambient vibes and the fluid, evocative vocals.

Grace. We first featured the band in 2014 with their debut track “Grace” (included in their EP Meridian). The Hypnotic falsetto is the first thing you can notice but the track had different starting points: the liquid contrast of melodic textures with rough electronic lines and almost techno-oriented. A good way to introduce themselves.

Play Out. In 2015, with the single “Playout”, they improved their idea of the sound with refined and well-built rhythms and beats and the more effective joint of the dreamy and melodic part of the music. One of the best tracks which they composed.

Miles and Miles. One of the best tunes of their debut album. It is a track which is the perfect example of club music without to be club music. Charming synths, minimal lines with a good level of tension, the final explosion which turns in a quiet ambient carpet.

The Only Thing. I love this track beacuse has a clear and precise sound pattern from the start to the end. It’s like a sophisticated hammer with the vocals shades which muffle the rhythmic loop.