Matthew Wilcock (Model 86) is a British musician and sound artist which we introduced with the track “Tense“. He grew up in a working-class family in Tameside, Greater Manchester. Rejecting the Mancunian tropes of rave, Britpop and postpunk that he grew up with, he immersed himself in US east-coast hip hop and basketball, and started making sample-based music as a teenager on a borrowed version of the music programming software Acid Pro.

He announced the release of the debut full-lenght titled Ordinary Beautiful Things 1 which is out later this year. “The uniting theme is that of finding temporary beauty in the ordinary,” says about the album, “You can be walking down the street and you come across something mundane – a reflection in a puddle, a dramatic shadow, sunlight shining in an office window, the sound of leaves or trees. It might only last a millisecond, and you know that it will never be captured by anyone else ever again, but the fact that you’ve noticed it is enough. It gives you a sense of warmth and joy. For a moment everything is perfect.

I Might Die Now And I Feel Fine” is the new excerpt. Listen below.