Richard Skelton is a British composer and sound artist, better known for the project The Inward Circles. Two years after Toward A Frontier, he’s back witha¬† new album with his own name. Border Ballads is out now via Scottish label Aeolian. According to the press release, Richard Skelton has spent the last two years living on the rural northern edge of the Scotland-England border, a boundary demarcated by various watercourses – among them the Kershope Burn, the Liddel Water and the River Esk.

This hinterland topography has informed a series of musical recordings which, in their brevity, stand in stark contrast to the longform compositions for which he is more usually known. Nevertheless, there is a sense that these twelve miniatures are fragments of a larger whole, such is their unity in tone and timbre.

Full streaming is available below.