Last year we introduced Daykoda, the project of Italian Milan-based producer Andrea Gamba. One year after Lucid Dreams, he released a new album. All of Me is out now via Beat Machine Records. According to the press release, the last effort of the 23-year-old producer and musician represents a journey through the life of DayKoda, an intimate and personal story where each track of “All Of Me” represents a photograph in which the artistic image of DayKoda is reflected differently, proposing various shades and versions of his music.

Many tracks, many DayKoda with different features, peculiarities, facets, attitudes, the result of the mixture of his background and the countless inputs that life in the XXI can offer to a musician and student of the conservatory whose soul is divided between electronic machines and soul vibrations. Check the full streaming below.

We asked him to create a mixtape/playlist with all artists and tracks which inspired his latest album. Titled Influences: A Journey Trough “All of Me”, it features Flying Lotus, Amon Tobin, Yussef Kamaal and many more. Listen below and check our talk with the artist.

Let’s Start from the new album “All of Me”. What drove your inspiration and the creative process?

I’ve been a lot into jazzy-based music and electronic stuff lately so I think that the main inspiration for the album comes from that particular mood. To me, inspiration comes mostly when I’m in the studio, experimenting with acoustic and electronic instruments with no boundaries of genres or flow.

The Album includes a remix released by Reginald Omas Mamode IV. How was born this collaboration?

I always loved Reginald, I was curious and I asked to Beat Machine if it was possible to have him on the release. He had a listen to the album and he liked it right away, and here we are now!

I think that Experimentation and contamination are important for your work. What is your concept of experimentation in music and art?

The only way I can think of experimentation is the one that comes from my mind, no matter which medium I use. Sometimes you just have to trust your instinct and go with the flow. For me this is how I like to experiment with stuff, I just like to try new things out and trust my guts.

You live in Milan, I think. I’m very interested to the connection between the places we live over the years, the territorial geography of our roots and the art. How do you feel these theme connected to your music and your way to think music? What are your favorite places which inspired you more?

Milan is a non-stop city, everything moves so fast and you got to keep going with your work, no time for breaks. Maybe this mood helped the release to be more energetic and less chilling ahah
There’s not a specific place that keeps me inspired I guess, I think I just need to take a look at the sky or maybe out of the window, or in general I just like to stare at everything that looks fascinating to my eyes.