In these times of great live festivals with dozens of acts and stages, it’s very nice to live the experience of a little independent rock festival in a small village (Chiusi), in the countryside of Siena, Italy. Admirably wanted and organized by a group of rock lovers (GEC Association) Lars Rock Fest is an unicum in the panorama of rock festivals in Italy. Free entry, familiar mood and scenario, it offers the chance to spend a relaxed evening wandering among print and paint corners, street market with record sale stands, kid’s labs and book presentations.

Before listening to music, of course: despite its dimension, in the previous seven editions it has offered international live shows with respectable lineup (from Protomartyr to Wire) and that’s why Sonofmarketing is happy to be media partner of the present edition. From 5th to 7th july Lars Rock Fest has given the opportunity to listen to three powerfulbands: Metz, Cloud Nothings and Wolfmother.

Active since 2012, Metz played on a very hot day, luckily around midnight, after the dark hardcore of Kint and the fresh post punk of Lags (a sound between Bloc Party and Maximo Park). Some hundreds of fans wait for an explosive set from the Canadian trio that has built its reputation on incendiary live shows. And that’s what happens when they get on the stage: Alex Edkins (guitar and vocals), Hayden Menzis (drums) and bass player Chris Slorach make the audience crazy with their hardcore punk with grunge echoes.

The starting “Mess of wires” sweeps the audience with its energy and volume, while the episodes from the first album (2012, Sub Pop) like “Headache” and “Get Off” still spit out a youth rage. Alex screams and entertains the audience while Hayden pounds the drums with super human energy and Chris gives his version of what a distorted bass guitar can play. A real fun to see and to listen to, until Alex’s final crowd surfing on the notes of “Wet Blanket”. In the end everyone is happy and sure that loving such a generous band is a good emotive investment.


  1. Mess of Wires
  2. The Swimmer
  3. Get Off
  4. Spit You Out
  5. Mr. Plague
  6. Eraser
  7. Drained Lake
  8. Cellophane
  9. Raw Materials
  10. Headache
  11. Pure Auto
  12. Dirty Shirt
  13. Acetate
  14. Wet Blanket