Olof Cornéer is a Swedish composer, musician and sound artist, better known with the alias Night Gestalt. Waves, Breaths & Dead Cities is out now via London-based label Bigo & Twigetti. According to the press release, With bare materials, often only one note at the time, Olof Cornéer tries to capture what he thinks is the essence, defying notions of what is simple or complex.

White noise contains all music ever written. In a way it’s very complex. But if you listen to it, it’s simply noise. When something simple becomes complex enough it becomes simple again. I want to make music that is simple, like an indivisible point floating freely in a chaotic world”, he says.

Waves, Breaths & Dead Cities is written for wind quintet. (flute, horn, clarinet, bassoon and oboe). The piece draws inspiration from the repetition found in both natural and man made phenomena for example a wave, a breath or a whole city developing and gradually decaying. Each movement and even each phrase are very similar repetitions of each other but with subtle differences that give each it’s own character, making each unique. The piece is repetitive without ever actually repeating.

Listen below.