We introduced different times Italian drummer and composer Andrea Belfi which is one of the symbols and main character of contemporary avantgarde scene. Ore and Alveare are the latest solo releases. In 2018 he collaborated with Lori Goldston and Aidan Baker for the project The Passion of Joan Of Arc (A score inspired by Carl Theodor Dreyer’s legendary 1928 Silent Film).

Now he’s back with a new album. Strata is out now via FLOAT. According to the press release, it is an organic evolution of the unique synthesis of hypnotizing drumming and ensnaring electronic patterns Belfi has become renowned for. Strata’s inception is due to Belfi’s playful experiments with Gnawa rhythms – a music tradition from North Africa that draws from ancient African spiritual and religious songs – with which Belfi created basic guide tracks that were later expanded upon. Strata’s remit expanded from these core rhythmic ideas into a mini-LP, spread across 6 tracks spanning 25 minutes.

Full streaming is available below.