Ecovillage are the Swedish duo of Emil Holmstrom and Peter Wikstrom. In 2006, after a 3 months journey around South Asia, they found some otherworldly inspiration to create The Ecovillage project. They have released albums on Darla Records, Quince Records, Parallax Sounds, Constellation Tatsu and Nature Bliss. Hold My Hand is the new album which is out now via Eilean Records.

Their words about it: “Even though the album “Hold My Hand” is Ecovillage sixth album we feel in some sense its our first.  With a more letting go and less is more attitude a new sound has arrived. To rather remove than add.  

We feel to have finally found our specific rolls in the band after a lot of trial and error. A more minimal and mature sound is definitively heard throughout the album. The result and quality of the music is on another level compared to other Ecovillage albums. 
The album was recorded between autumn 2018 and early spring 2019.