Tony Njoku is the project of British-Nigerian London-based electronic music producer and songwriter Anthony Njoku. Last year we introduced hi with tracks as “Drifting Off In A Care Powered Balloon“ and “On Lorca’s Balcony“; one year after first full-length H.P.A.C, he’s back with a new track titled “Hapless” which shows the rough lines of electronic textures. It is out now via Silent Records. It will be part of the new album Your Psyche’s Rainbow Panorama which is out on October 4th. Watch the official video directed by Jordan Woods.

“Through a dark episode of rumination comes the humour. When you’ve faced the cold hard truth and gone through the self-humiliating process of coming to terms with the source of your pain. You find out you put yourself in that ‘sticky situation’ and that you kept yourself in it all along. So rather than beat yourself up about it, you laugh. Laugh at your insecurities and your naivety.” Tony Njoku