A few months ago we introduced South Carolina artist okaywill with the track “Pretend“. It was the first excerpt from the debut EP Falling For You which is out via Majestic Casual. Four tracks which show well-built refined electronic textures, evocative vocals and cheerful rhythms. On the EP okaywill says,

“I was very excited to write over the instrumental for Cold. As soon as I heard where the direction was headed, I wanted to have a warm sound for the main part. It starts off with a deep ambient kind of sound and moves towards warmer sounds. I love happy chords and it really stood out to me. I am very excited to share this song because i’ve had it for 2 years. This one is very dear to me, it can be a reminder on the cold days that it’s not gonna be like that forever. something always brings you back.

Listen below and check the track by track after the full streaming.

Pretend. “Pretend is an alternate reality for me. It’s what could’ve happened to me but didn’t: My girlfriend had a relationship with me when we were in middle school, but I wanted to be just friends.

I didn’t end up getting back with her until 5 years later. The problem was, we saw each other a lot after that and I sometimes ignored her in public because I didn’t want people to think things and I was very young and didn’t want to be in a relationship, or have that status. I treated her like she was pretend until I was mentally prepared to have a relationship again. I always liked her, but didn’t want to be so young and have the responsibilities of being in a relationship.”

Falling For You. “This is the first song I wrote that really sparked the idea for the okaywill project, after writing it my friend said I should make more of this style of music and use my vocals on songs. So, I created the “okaywill” project. The song is about when you fall in love and you feel like the earth is crashing in on you. It’s like when you first lay eyes on the most beautiful thing you’ve seen, that feeling, is what the song is about.”

The Journey. “The song is pretty self-explanatory, it’s written and told in a traditional story format. It’s about going on a journey back to the one you want to be with, and all of the things you encounter along the way, or at least my depiction of things that would occur.”

Cold. I wrote “Cold” on a spring day ironically. I first started the song off with synth in the beginning, it was a chord progression I had been saving for the right song and the right sound. When I had the idea of creating an atmospheric beginning, I ended up writing the lyrics around the idea of the winter time. The aesthetic of the song was giving off a winter sound at first but then turned into a warm sound as I continued making the instrumental. So, of course my quirky self would continue to use that as the title. The song is about someone who needs to be helped on a cold day in their life; they need to be held, and be warm again.