Mutant Forest are the Brooklyn-based duo which involve Andrew Meave and Blue Crissman. Alone Together is the debut album which will be out later this year. Today we have the pleasure to premiere the first excerpt titled “Reflect” which shows pulsing, blurry and rough electronic lines meet evocative vocals and ambient shades.

According to the press release, the track is an exploration of the idealized identities that individuals create in their online lives, and the incongruities that arise when meeting face to face for the first time. The song lives in atmospheres akin to My Bloody Valentine, carried by propulsive beats similar to Burial with the skewed pop sensibilities of The Knife.

Blue and Andrew draw from a wide palette of creative interests and impulses. Their language is communicated through new media design, music production, and dance all spinning a common thread of weaving others into transcendent experiences.

These inclinations started to take shape when they were invited to present their work at the Museum of Arts and History in Santa Cruz, CA. The first project they presented was a sound print machine. They later were invited to share a piece that used EEG to detect guests brainwaves and transduce them to corresponding sounds and colors.

While living in Portland they had a month long residency in the Denizen Gallery at Milepost 5 showing “Body Language”, an installation that created sound and visual projections through movement and gesture.

Their latest project is a geometric sculpture, Chrysalis, that uses capacitive touch sensors to create sound. Through Chrysalis they hoped to design a way of performing that allows Blue’s body to express itself in ways that traditional instruments would otherwise confine.