Two years after Underk Blankets, British musician and sound artist Fraser McGowan aka Caught In The Wake Forever released a new album. Waypoints is out now via Spanish label Archives. According to the press release, Waypoints navigates unknown territories using improvisation as its starting point. Recording began with two intense day-long sessions of modular synthesizer and acoustic piano. The resulting hours of improvised material were then gradually shaped over a 4-year period, McGowan relying on his musicianship and intuition to structure the compositions.

These exploratory pieces retain the abstract textures and sketch-like arrangements from which they were sculpted, finding form with the contemplative melancholy and delicate melodic warmth that characterises Caught In The Wake Forever’s music. Seven instrumental works that sound like distant radio signals interspersed with fragments of lonely lo-fi piano, broadcast from an unknown, isolated location.

Full streaming is available below.